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Deathra's Night Out Empty Deathra's Night Out

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 13, 2016 12:29 am

Feeling as if she's beginning to loose her self meaning of why she is on earth, Deathra's hand subconsciously reaches to her jewel. '...that's right......I almost forgotten......I came here as a last attempt for my people. I came here to begin create more angels...but i'v failed so far.' Gritting her teeth in pure annoyance of not having a mate since she arrived, she wanted to change that.

' I know ill go out and hunt for on. The amazons, Aggressive way. Certain human men like women with power....surely i'll find someone to love. ' Quickly she ran into her room trying to find a lovely gown or a nice dress that shows class. "Ahh this might work."

It is such a nice dress too. All blue made with shiny silk material no less. Black and blue color scheme it was, perfect for her chocolate brown skin tone. Thank god it wasn't to short either, she hates short dresses. This one came to her knees though, in a classy and yet sexy type of way. With a smile she gets dressed and wonders outside into the night.

Using her power to fly and being invisible Deathra sores threw the night looking for a highly populated nightclub to search out the area.
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