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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 06, 2016 3:08 pm

Carlos dean a young adult finally in college yet mad at the same time. It his second year in college living with his actions punishment. The only reason he's in this college is because his parents kicked him out. Not wanting to be homeless he singed himself in this public college.

Its Thursday and so he need to go out and find something to eat for dinner. He has no roommates now to help with food now, since his last fight gave the guy a black eye. This caused him to move out. ' Tch his fault for touching my xbox without asking, took me forever to get that shit.' Shaking his head he placed his headphones in his ear as he listened to google maps, giving him directions to the local Walmart.

Since he has no car he used his dirk bike to travel to classes and other places for him. At least it gets him to point a to point b, he don't give a shit.

At the same time listening to his Spotify while riding his bike. This sort of travel took him nearly 35 minutes by bike towards the Walmart, he thought it'd be longer then that. ;Huh imagine that, with my speed I made it in barely thirty minutes...sweet.' Turning off hi google maps, lowering the volume of his music he dropped his book bag, taking out his bike lock and chain.
After securing his ride, he placed his bag over his shoulder, and walked inside the store. Bright lights from the big building nearly blinded him. 'Hmm theirs is bigger then mine back at home..' In a calm mood he makes his way through the store to find the food isles. "Ok..what for dinner today..?" Such a big store he just might find or see other students from his school. Maybe.

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