Devin's Sing off Gathering

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Devin's Sing off Gathering Empty Devin's Sing off Gathering

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Mon May 16, 2016 2:48 am

A group of random people from different class got together around the outside gym area. Some bought their laptops, other brought their cd's & portable cd/radio players. A nice gather that I thought of for students to hang out and sing their fav shit. After making up a forum online from the school online board, this idea has been a big hit yet. And it I just started this couple weeks ago. So far we have at least 15 people here taking turns in their singing.

Next up was me and my crew who knows this sing, shoot even the guys would dance out the lines of the song itself. I mean it was so much fun, it also helps me meet new people and make friends.

Play my song from my Spotify playlist, my laptop starts playing the song. The guys get ready to dance, as I clear out my throat starting the song. I have a alto voice so this is easy to do for me. The song playing is Nigga's in Paris By: Jay Z & Kanye West.
Devin's Sing off Gathering Devon_10
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