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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Tue May 17, 2016 9:23 am

Time is 9pm and the club is jumping as always, even when it just opened. Kataina enters club Mystic, her reason for being here? Well.....judging by her attire, i'd say she here to slay. Yes, that's exactly right, Kataina is here for a kill. Her profession is an assassin, a danm well deadly one at that. Very carefully she plays out her battle field, before going in for the kill.

Wearing something decent for her taste, so she's able to get in was easy. Weather she will actually gain the eyes of her target is another story. Only her gorgeous frame can pull off this nice fit, silk fabric, brown knee flowing dress. After all brown is her targets fav color after all. Her outer being must gain his eyes, or the kill wont be perfect.

One foot at a time her 4 inch light brown wedges motion her throughout the club. As her lovely green eyes scan out the area, her body moves to where the bar is of course. Cant be looking to suspicious tonight, with a swiftness her hand flicks away her waist length silver hair, as she sits her ass upon a nice cushioned seat.

"Ill order two Mai Tai's please. With ice." Her eyes were like daggers towards the bartender since he kept staring at like she was a piece of meat. ' Hmpt...men. Everywhere I go none of them have any real class.' Rolling her eyes she refocuses on her mission.
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