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Tanja's FIRED! Empty Tanja's FIRED!

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Tue May 17, 2016 5:39 am

It is done. Someone has officially pissed Tanja the fuck off. Long blonde hair blowing into the wind as she rides in back seat of her friends car on her way home. Tears shedding down her cheeks in anger & sadness, from her lovely light green eyes. In her mind the memory plays over itself again, as she stares off through the window thinking why this has happen to her.

It's only around 4am, Tanja's night shift at Amazon is almost over. Just one more hour to go, yet her feet been hurting hours ago. 'Siiiigh come on clock tick faster! My feet are killing me, which shouldn't be at this time since i'v been working here for at least 3 months. Maybe its the shoes..' She told herself as she peeked down towards her feet, seeing her white and green jordans.

Since these where cheapest sneakers she has, of course she uses them for work. They are just shoes after all. Anyway lifting one leg up give a test wiggle. "Hmm...seems these shoes aren't comfy enough for me in this line of work i'll have to get a new pair...or find something to get my feet compy again. Cause this is fucking nuts."

Irritated already as is she continues to work, pushing her plastic cart around while scanning random items, then tossing them into her bin. This went on for about thirty minutes or so, till she had to place her now heavy load of a tote onto the conveyer belt. Well to her lack of attention span with her surroundings, something wasn't right.

It was at the moment she was having trouble with lifting & placing her tote, she heard a noise. "Yo! Watch out for the escaping item rolling towards you!" It was already to late the moment it happened. The second she took a step, her foot tripped over the very cylinder like item. Causing her trip, dropping the tote almost on her, if it weren't for the guy that saved her. The items from said tote & her loose jacket that was around her waist, were going up the conveyer belt. "Oh no!! My jacket! Stop the machine!" She yells back to whoever knows how to turn it off. Yet everyone around her just stared watching what was going down.

To put it blunt and short there was a horrible accident. It wasn't technically caused by Tanja though, she was just at the wrong place..at the wrong time. She trips, items fly everywhere, falling off the machine. Causing said items to be stuck in odd places they aren't suppose to be, causing a malfunction. Thus slowed down production, and a quarter of the machine can't work till it's fixed.

Man did that freak her out when she was suddenly dragged into the office by security getting yelled at. What's worse, she couldn't do shit about this. She was fired from her job till further notice, which caused her to call for a ride home.

Shaking her head trying to forget such a horrible moment that happened to her EVER in her life. Knowing she wouldn't forget. Banging her had back into the plush seats of her friends car, she bellowed out a bit to release some frustration. "Shit!...my bosses are asswholes thinking!" "Calm down girl friend, it's not the end of the world." "Are you joking me right now, Savanah? I. WAS. FIRED! It wasn't easy for me to get this job. Oh shit...my rent. I can't buy food for the next month." Dread was now starting to effect her mental condition, her face white as a ghost she leaned her whole body sagging down taking the whole back seat, trying to hide her shame.
"Again girl calm down. Your friends and I will help you get another job, till that situation is cleared out. They have security cameras right?" "Yeah.....well yes they do But I doubt that will help much." "Only time will tell Tanja." Once home Tanja only could drag herself towards her front door, green eyes looking dead from the past events. This is sucks for Tanja. After closing her front door, throwing her bag and Amazon I.D badge onto the ground. Her body plopped onto the couch from with in her living room, closing her eyes to sleep, thinking this whole ordeal is nothing but a nightmare.
Tanja's FIRED! Tanja_12
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