Zaflins swim practice

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Zaflins swim practice Empty Zaflins swim practice

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Sun May 15, 2016 10:12 pm

Already in her silk, Blue & black designed bikini, Zaflin makes her way towards the campus pool outside. 'Now I can practice I hope...usually the pool is crowded with so many humans..' Rolling her eyes she checked her swim bag again making sure she has her items. Clean towels, her shorts, a t-shirt, flip-flops, and her laptop to play music. "Good I didn't forget anything.."

Good things too since she was already half way towards the pool, and left her key in her room in such a dash. When her look out finally texted her letting her know the pool was vacant, she hustled & bustled out of her room.

With her hand Zaflin unlocked the white metal gate, pushed it open, and was home free near the pool. 'Finally...ah. Son of a bitch. That idiot told me the pool was free!! Danm him. ' Annoyed she noticed a few people already here. She had half a mind to just give up on practice and head right back inside. Peeking out one eye noticing they are on one side of the pool chilling, minding there own business. So an idea popped up. ' Maybe I can practice after all. I'll just stay on one side of the pool, away from them. '

"Yeah that should work." Mentally she smirked as if her plan was sound proof, but she isn't stupid. Humans are ALWAYS that curious type, it will be a matter of time until someone noticed her being there. ' I am in a public place after all.....danm I blame myself for always wanting to be active in sports...'

Shaking her head she continued her walked to the far other side of the pool. ' I will practice today no matter what. I need to, the swim tournament is coming up soon for the other schools. ' "I am on the swim team, so the whole school needs us to win. I'm the best swimmer they got so their hopes are mostly on me. I can't loose. I have to win, our school needs that danm trophy."

Finding a pool lawn chair, she moved it closer to herself, near the edge of the pool where she will enter the water. Laying her bag down, she opened her swim bag, took out her laptop, and started her Spotify music. "Hmmm...what playlist should I play today? Ah the speed workout playlist. Fast songs with easy beats to move to." Ash she played that music, ignoring the humans on the other side of the pool, she pulled out her white towel and placed ti around her laptop.
Pulling out her timer, placed it on the edge of the pool where she dived in gracefully. Popping her head out the water to take a breath, her hand reached out for the timer, pressed the button when she was in position, and started swimming after letting go.
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