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Deathra's new pets Empty Deathra's new pets

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 13, 2016 8:29 pm

Being an angel on a whole new planet is fun. Especially when she gets to pretend being a human in college. Needed more friends she decided to get pets. But what type of pets indeed she don't know.

'hmm...another cat?....maybe a dog..hmmm a snake perhaps?' This annoyed her a lot, so she went online trying to decided on a pet to get. " I want more pets, that way I can maybe get some friends. " ' Since I opened my first angel ban, I am getting extra funds, so maybe I can get more the one.'

Of course this longer then she thought. "Hmmm ok maybe ill just fliers and tape them around campus. Possible that a student here may have something that I want." With that deathra starts using her laptop making a flier so she can adopt.

After printing out 100 fliers she left her dorm room to post her fliers all over campus. "I do hope someone brings me a cool pet. "With that she heads back to campus heading to the mixed recreation room. A huge room that's been built for both genders to hang out.

Deathra reached for the remote since no one was using the tv in the corner and switched it to an xbox game. A cool fighting game.
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