Deathra's Yo Momma Joke Battle video moments

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Deathra's Yo Momma Joke Battle video moments Empty Deathra's Yo Momma Joke Battle video moments

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 13, 2016 2:21 am

It's the mother fucking week end. Friday at that. Students of all types start to leave out their classes, in a hype to enjoy their plans for the weekend. "I'm going to an island resort with my fiancé." Said one girl of blond curly locks. "Well then, I'm going to vacation since I don't have classes till Wednesday." Said another student, a young short dude of blue eyes.

"I don't have anything planned so I'm staying here fro the weekend, thinking of making a fun video for youtube." "Aww bummer Deathra.." "Meh not all of us have spare time to the extreme." "Well what video you doing?" Her lips curled up in amusement formed a large smirk. "Well at first it was an idea turned to maybe a nice plan, that is if I get people to join."

Reaching into her bag she pulled out a binder of "Ideas" that have been thought of ever since she started coming into this school. "I call it College Yo Mama Joke Battle." She flipped the pages with her long slender finger with short cut nail. Jokes of all types of apportions where written through out the pages. "See yo momma so fat jokes,..yo momma so ugly jokes.....yo momma so high jokes...I got it all. Since I joke a good joke, and is always easily entertained, I thought why not do this?"

Her eyes began to see curious eyes of her fellow students starting to gather. "Well guys IF you want to join, you'll have to come u with your own jokes. This will take place at the school's parking lot, where the front of the property is located. So make sure yall be there in about......2 hours if you plan to jump in. There will be 2 judges. Me and someone else who wishes to be a judge, first come first serve." With that Deathra began to walk away.

' Shit I need to find my camera's and fast I only have 2 hours to set it up.' With some pep in her step Deathra began to run towards her dorm building, she had no room mates a the time, so her things where scattered all over the place. First she grabbed her camera bag, tossing things around looking for her two over sized camera's. Carefully placing them in her bag, she found her smaller cam cord camera placed it in her bag as well. Two camera try pods, two blankets to place under her tripods so no damage if her cameras fall.

Her backpack filled with her binder of jokes incase no one did come up with any good material. Extra batteries for her camera as well, Deathra came prepared. "All right time to leave." Carefully she had to carry all these things by herself to the lactation, which is fine since she is strong. And a angel with super strength on the down low, she had to look human as possible.

After making it to her destination, she took her time to set everything up. Her two camera's, the rugs, the table with three separate mics placed and ready. Now she had to borrow the tables & mics from the school itself, so she had to be extra careful with the mic sound checks. "My video is gonna look real as hell." Laughing with a giggle of joy she sat at on the table playing with her phone sending out texts to others about what's going down. "I do hope a lot of people show...if not this is gonna be a problem.."
* The Rules *
1. No physical fighting, fight with your words (jokes)
2. ANY Yo Momma jokes is ok to be used
3. If you CAN NOT take a joke, DO NOT BE INVOLED
4. You CAN NOT use the same joke more then once. There will be a list of used jokes writing in my notebook, I will keep track
5. HAVE FUN WITH THIS PLOT!!!!! This idea is to help YOU GUYS with releasing your stressful problems with jokes on random person.
6. If we get a lot of people I will randomly pick names so you will know who your battling with.
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