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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 13, 2016 12:27 am

Deathra is easily found sitting on a random bench somewhere in campus. Her tardis blue backpack is just laying there in the grass under one leg, while the other is dangling off the top part of the bench. Face scrunched up in deep concentration while multitasking. This young angel is studying, writing a term paper for her literature class, and also thinking of ideas to prank her friends.

To keep her focus in check she is even listening to her Spotify playlist on her new tablet. "Swagger jagger...swagger should get some, f your own. Count your money, get your game up. Your a hater, just let it go."

Head bobbing to the beat to of the song, as her chocolate colored fingers types away at her term paper. Right leg now swinging to the beat of the music. Lucky for her no one deiced to use this bench, so for the moment her whole body claimed ownership of said seat. Temporally of course.

' not sure if Gabe even likes will he fall for my powder doughnut trick?' Trying not to over think this while typing away & remembering notes for a science test. "God this week is gonna keep me busy as hell."

Deathra has got got to stay focus so she can succeed on all these tasks at hand. ' Meh I should be fine.'
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