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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Wed May 11, 2016 2:54 am

Its Wednesday night as Pheona was alone enjoying her shopping trip of week. It's late around midnight and she was cursing for being to busy to finish this few hours ago. ' Darn it.....I knew I should have done this before doing other things. ' Holding her opened clear umbrella decorated with mini cute chibi strawberry pop tarts, one of her cute items from her Cute Cafi that she owns and works in. Showing off the merchandise always helps makes her next days more profitable.

A long soft sigh escaped her lips when she walked out of her café shop to shop, only to find its raining badly. "..oh no.." Being very careful where she walks, her frame in close to the road wall while walking down the side walks. ' thunder....please no thunder....please no thunder...' Pheona's eyes was closed to mentally prepare her from the bad weather accruing around her. She hates thunder & lighting with a passion, and it's very bad tonight. " I wish I had a friends with me to go through this faster."

Of course Pheona will get through this, so as her small fingers griped her umbrella tight, and pushed each foot forward she continues her singe walk of fear. 'You can do this. Nothing will happen to you..' Continuing her mental chant she noticed the corner grocery store still open. "Oh thank god." Her mouth let out in a shaky whisper.

It was at that moment that her little ears heard the horrible crashing sound of the weather above her. Shit it even hit a light post that barely three yards from where she was standing from. "AHHHHH!!" Eyes wide her feet started darting for the store, completely forgetting that she is in heels at the moment. Moment later she was in the store leaning on the wall breathing hard, still gripping her umbrella. Hair a bit wet from her sudden dash, she wasn't aware of certain eyes watching her. As if they too heard her scream as she made her sudden appearance.
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