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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 06, 2016 3:14 pm

It's Thursday and I have my new camera with me. Today the weather is quite lovely and Peggy planed on making some youtube videos. 'Today I plan on making a vine...hmm which one should I try first..?' She would think this through and through for a few minutes till she found a thick, tall, big tree branch having tree.

With a gasp an idea struck her when a vision of a vine popped in her mind. In her head a scene from youtube shown. It was the ‪#‎SplitsOnTrees‬ vine. "THATS IT!!" Quickly covering her mouth walking quickly towards the tree as if nothing ever happened. She did yelp..but that not loudly she thought. It still made her feel embarrass.

Moving her camera onto the metal bench that was painted blue, positioning it just right. Since the bench is facing north, the tree is angled slightly north west. So she had to face her camera carefully on the edge of the bench to get a great angel.

At first before she turned it on she placed her bag on the ground in front of it, just in case it actually falls. " for a test." Peggy's feet motioned her to the tree, practicing a few times before he actually does this vine idea in front of her camera. Imaging she's listening to the fake song #SplitsOnTrees she kicks her right leg up.

Not being flexible like those girls in gym class her foot reached the same length as her chest. Now she moves her arms over her head in her first position. "Good. Next one.." Doing the same thing as she moved to the side still in front of the tree lifting her left leg, it didn't go that high as last time. Tilting her head tot he side as she made a goofy face posing again. "Good one Peggy..last one." Moving to the other side still in front of the tree she lift her right leg again, same length as the first time, and did a cute gay pose. "Perfect."

Practice round is done, now the real moment begins. As she made it towards her camera she looked around wondering if people noticed her weird actions out in public. All she is doing is making a video in the park.
Camera now rolling she positions herself in front of the tree. "Hello everyone my name is Peggy and hers another of my random videos. Todays video is a vine called #SplitsOnTrees." Rushing on towards the tree her body copied what she did when her camera as off.
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