Jackson's First Fight

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Jackson's First Fight Empty Jackson's First Fight

Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 06, 2016 3:10 pm

Its Thursday one of the most important fights of Jaskson's life. 'h boy, everyone gets to see me in my first tv fight. I'v been trying my whole career for a moment like this.' As he thinks about his fight of course his trainer finds him in the gym of their building, only for trained fighters. He's moving his arms in perfect unison in his opinion while beating down on their punching bag.

"There you are Jackson...why you stuck down here you should be getting redy for your big fight." His reaction was a few grunts as his arms swung around, his trainer thought it was abit sloppy in his eyes.

"Huh ok hi James. I'm to how do you people say? Siked. Hyper, excited for fight." Jasksons broken English was easily noted once anyone hears him speak. Sometime James his coach can barely understand his words. "Ahh I see, you can act like your practicing in the ring you know." "Are you insane? I have to be full ready with fight. Can't look like nooby hitter. They would laugh at me." "Yeah..they would, like they did Fighter Jr."

Shaking is head Jackson kept on having a go with that punching bag again while talking all the at the same time. "So...james tell me bout opponent. He strong? Fast? ...well trained?" A concerned smile forms on James face feeling his anxiety though Jackson will never admit it. "Yes he is. Which is why you must be ready when your ass gets in that ring. Don't show any mercy with the punches, let him tire himself out first. Since its your first fight and all. NEVER go all in full power with first fight." "I know boxer rule number 1." Jackson said as he's starting to sweat abit.

His first fight starts in less then an hour, so he leaves the gym heading towards the showers for a cold on. Just to wake him up fully, get him all focused. Once done, redressed, and found James. It was time to leave for the fight. "Wonder how many will be watch..." Jaskson said to himself in a whisper. ' I hope they enjoy the show..'
Jackson's First Fight Jackso11
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