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Post by LadyCreativeMind on Fri May 06, 2016 3:06 pm

Andy Biersack a strong willed young man of 22 now in college. He asked that everyone in this facility to treat him as if he's one of them. He wants no special treatment, no short cuts, the full works of what it like in a school with shit load of student around his age.

He's in his first year of college as he and he crew try their best to keep their grades up, and their talents sharp as ever. Meaning his classes are n the morning and he practice for future gigs with his band, Black Veil Brides. Andy is the leader of the group, yet he finds himself equal with his band, so he doesn't actually act like a leader on stage. In his band they all share the spotlight.

His band if formed of by him being the lead singer of the group, vocals is his number 1 priority. Band mates are..Ashley Purdy as well, he is the base guitarist. Jake Pitts who also plays guitar but is the lead though. Christian Coma is very talented with his drums. Jeremy Miles Ferguson has two gifts in the band, he plays both guitar & violin.

Each member has their own special place within the band and they all try their best, when they aren't in class though.

Thursday afternoon the guy asked the dean if they could have the party room for practice when ever they need it. Of course with the permission of the dean they were granted access, but only of other students weren't using it for their own purposes. With that said the guys gathered their things and headed to the big party room. Lucky or them they have no classes tomorrow morning so they can practice as much as needed.

"Ok guys which song shall we practice first..?" Asked Andy as he looked them all in the eye with a serious expression. When they guys are like this nothing can stop them till they tire themselves. " about Morticians Daughter?" Asked Ashley. "Dude we've done that one before twice. " Responded Christian annoyed leaning his head on the wall.

"Well you think of something then...ass." Andy was note ready for their bullshit today. "Stop it guys..lets just pic the least played song to practice all through the time were here. " Alright I'm down." "Agreed then." "Sure at least were doing something."
"Then its settled pass me the book." Jeremy tossed Andy the book of songs they practice, with every time they are here they add a tally keeping track on which song they do. Andy chuckles once done looking it over, closed the book, tossed it towards the speakers, and grabbed his mic. "Hehehe ok lads were doing...We don't have to dance." Instantly they all sat up with energy, actually wanting to try that one. "Lets rick boys."

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