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Deathra's Arival to Earth OPEN ROLEPLAY Empty Deathra's Arival to Earth OPEN ROLEPLAY

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Information of Plot
GENRES What a Face Slice of Life, Suspense, Horror, Action, Comedy, Psychological, Super power, Super Natural, Fantast, Demons, Drama, Mystery, Space What a Face
WHAT'S NEEDED Razz 1.Active repliers 2.Literate writers 3. Semi Para to Multi para replies Razz
RULES confused 1.Stay active you must reply 4 times a week 2.Be Literate & please use ''/'/./,/(( )) at all times[DO NOT SHOW ACTIONS] 3.Must know how to read 4.If you will be busy you MUST inform me when & why, otherwise i'll be annoyed/kick you out the plot 5.DO NOT start/cause drama of any kind 6.Be mature with respect 7.No God moding either. Fail to follow these simple rules you will be blocked & reported on the spot confused

Like a Star @ heaven Prologue  Like a Star @ heaven
Glistening stars seen around space, everywhere through out the sky. As if each starry star abducts your attention while they lay there on their dark high pedestal. Soon after words you tend to notice shiner stars that actually move across the sky, shooting stars is what they are. Young princess Deathra gazes through space watching the stars dance. All is well...until something abnormal catches her eye. ' What is..that..? ' The young princess asks herself as her eyes squints trying to see further into space. Focusing her eyes she noticed something weird, sensing sudden danger from the approaching vessel. It's already being damaged with her home planets defense system. Fighter angels all outside doing what they can, yet sensing that something very bad is about to occur. With that her body moved as if she had to abscond.

" Mother! Father! Where are you? " Deathra screamed loud as she ran through out her home trying to track her family. Not old enough to us her powers though, she isn't the owner of the shikon jewel. Her mother is, for she is queen of their race. Only the females are allowed to use the jewel, males have a weapon that is pasted down to each king to weld as they take the role of leader.

Frantic from all the loud noise accruing around her fragile self, the planet's defense systems has been broken. Now we are all vulnerable to any attack, another ship is spotted near by from the rear. This is bad, if this keeps up we are all dead. Lasers and bombs are being shot at us and only then does she hear her parents. They are zooming about in the air fighting off these ugly minions. Father using his transforming sword fighting off a few, while mother flying higher using spells, and buffing up father without breaking a sweat. It looked like all was good, we will win this act of war against whoever dared to triumph from us...until he came.

A loud bellowed laugh was heard as a tall thick being with a lack & blue cape was seen by the entrance. The minions stopped fighting, only to back away from us, letting him enter. So it seems thing is their leader, were about to be face to face with out maker. " Well..well..well...look what have here." "YOU!!" Father yelled out loud as if he known the creature. "Hello again Marrick. Still bend up on your brothers death?" "Only because you cheated using cheap tricks, and stole his dark powers. You monster!" Mother voice rang loud as well, what is going on? To young to understand the events unfolding in front of her..she kept still behind her parents throne chairs watching.

"Hehehe oh I did didn't I? To bad, not like you weaklings will do anything about it." With that he swung his mallet weapon high to attack, yet they both flew away before it could hit them. "Here to claim the next planet, yours!" " Tch Over our dead bodies." Said mother. "Oh I intend to. Ready the Beam Space Cannon boys." "Oh wouldn't" "Like I said, I intend to." W could hear their cannon already start to charge up. A beam space cannon is a horrible weapon. A huge ship can only carry it, and once its charged and fires...nothing can stop it till it hits its target. Destroying everything in its path.

Once again the fighting continues, mother & father attacks the demon with spells and incantations. It was a long battle for us. "Malindia you must save the princes!!" "Understood!" Father gave mother time to find me, and guided me to our traveling crystals. "Momma what's going one where's daddy.?" "Daddy is giving us save you. We know will come of must live. For you are the last of our kind, after this war. I'm sorry we won't live to teach you new things....or to use your powers. You must start a new life, learn all that you can. And practice each day with your powers." Moving her hand to my head I see a glow from her finger tips. Mother gave me a speed spell so I'm able to se some power. My poor Deathra...we love you dearly." With that she pushed me into a liquid pool of bright colors, it moved around my body trapping. Pulling off the shikon jewel she tossed it into the pool with me.

Just then daddy came in bursting threw the door. "Is she safe..we can't hold out any more" "Yes...she is.." "Where is that brat!? Gt me that Shikon jewel boys! I need that power!" Screamed the demon attacking my family. "YOU WILL NEVER HAVE OUR JEWEL KAGIJAMORMARU!" With that both my parents held their hands high releasing their final attack towards him, at the same time the cannon fired. 'NOOOOOO MOTHER!! FATHER!! ' I could only scream out threw my mind as I saw their final moments. Our enemy saw me floating away in the crystal with the jewel, this made him rage in anger. As my parents attacked didn't effect him, he teleported himself with his minions back to their ship, mother & father gave me one last glance before they kissed each last time. Then my planet exploded killing all the winged angels.....including their king & queen.

There I was just floating away in space, inside my safe barrier crystal. Reaching closer and closer to a planet i'v never seen before. Now as I'm gaining speed ready to land in a random place, I had no idea that mothers spell has also speed up my aging process. Hair growing longer, clothing disappears as my body grows up. Good thing my crystal barrier grows as I do, other wise i'd be trapped in a tight space. I'm ready for a landing as I see a huge space with nothing but grass, flowers, and hills. Seems I have found what is called a meadow. My crystal didn't cause a use a huge hole it barley made a dent in it, yet the crystal started to melt, freeing my body.

There I lay in the grass, naked with my long hair covering me. My hand reaches for the shikon jewel, crying as soon as I touch, I'm burdened with those moment just happened. Also why I'm here in the first place. "It's because of him.....that monster.." Crying even more clutching the very jewel to my chest, suddenly it glowed. Shocking me of course I dropped it and my reaction was to crawl away from it. Watching it glow even more I'm suddenly mesmerized by it's actions. "Hello there princess, don't be alarmed for I am now yours. This jewel has now been passed down to you."

Captivated by it's soft voice almost like my mothers, instantly I'm ok. I lowers its glow & starts floating towards me, only to fused into my body threw my chest. "We are now connected, I'm fully yours now. Power & all." "I understand." It pops out of my chest to form a string around it and placed itself around my neck. ' So it made itself into a necklace. Interesting.'  

Thinking over what I must do with a blanket of reassurance guiding me, a plan must be made. "So..i was sent here for a reason, to repopulate? Hmmmm then that means I have to find people to collaborate with me in doing so. That don't seem to bad, ill have to choose wisely though. Ok to figure out where the hell am I. " Annoyed my finger moved to tap my jewel. "Shikon...I don't know where I you have any idea?" " have been transported to planet Earth. Home of life forms called Humans. But e very cautious for humans act in very strange ways my lady." "I you mean they are like barbarians. Are there any intelligent life here at least?" "Yes at of them...but hard to find." "I see..ok then. First order of business, wardrobe change." "As you wish princess."

It glows again as it soon engulfs my body in a white light. My new outfit slowly starts to form around me. Thin material in green & red & pink starts forming a skirt, then a nice top reveling my belly. Gold etches it out, and fine jewelry from my world is formed on me too. Even my hair is fixed, long and wavy, not covering my ace. Soon the lights leaves me and I'm fully clothed. "Alright..lovely. Now we get to look around, wings comes to me!" My eyes glow white when I feel my wings morphing from my back, flapping to stretch out. With three flaps I'm in the air. " First wing test since if never flown before. " "Good idea princess try flying circles around those low clouds, then fly threw it." "Ok."

Moving my body to the wind I try just that with passing colors, until I flew threw it...I accidently flown into a flock of birds. "Watch it birdies its dangerous flying threw clouds I formation like that." Giggling I'm off to explore the area, wondering how big this place is. " Where are we now jewel?" "Flying over a meadow...not sure how big though." " We shall explore it then." With a flap of my wings I keep high looking around to find anything besides plant life in the area.
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